One of my guilty pleasures is making videos. Over the last couple of years I’ve learned so much, starting by shooting with iPhone and graduating to more professional equipment including my Sony A7iii. I was lucky enough to have my work featured in Times Square, NYC, as part of a campaign for LIFX which celebrated little known creators like myself.

For me, video is a medium that combines my love of storytelling with photography. It’s my outlet for creativity without commercial constraints with no brief in a medium where emotion is so potent.

Learning the craft of video production is also relevant to how I design brand identities. I strive to make brands that are cinematic in nature, able to evoke feeling in people and loaded with emotion.



Enchanted Puerto Rico 

At the end of 2018, myself and my girlfriend Robbi visited Puerto Rico only 15 months after Hurricane Maria caused devastation across the islands. When planning our trip there seemed little information about what the state Puerto Rico was in since the recovery effort, but we booked anyway.

When we arrived we were surprised at how well the islands had recovered yet how few tourists were there. We made this video with the intention of attracting more people to visit and ignite Puerto Rico’s tourism industry once more.


Remembering Stormville

In Summer, 2018, we took a little trip to a little town called Stormville, in NY State and stayed in the guesthouse of an amazing property by a secluded lake in the countryside.

This was the first video I made using my Sony A7iii as an experiment to get to grips with it. It also includes shots from the Mavic Pro drone and a small cameo appearance by myself.



A good friend of mine from Australia, Sam Moore, was working as Brand Manager for Knog, who make bike lights amongst other things.

Knog sponsored a bike team called the Hunter Bros Cycling who were participating in the famous Red Hook Crit event in Brooklyn.

I was asked if I’d be able to help out by documenting the day as a video for Knog’s social media channels.

Armed with only an iPhone and my DJI Osmo Mobile gimbal, I headed down to see what life I could capture. This is my record of the day featuring the guys from Hunter Bros Cycling.



In early 2018, whilst working for Gretel, I was fortunate enough to take a business trip to Tokyo for two weeks.

I was always impressed by the video capabilities of the iPhone and had been given the Osmo Mobile as a Christmas gift. This was my opportunity to make a travel film of the experience.

I knew from the offset that I didn’t want to make a typical travel film. I wanted to capture the hustle and bustle and pace of this amazing city and its people.

The film is shot entirely on iPhone using the hyperlapse and motionlapse capabilities of the Osmo Mobile.