Our Connected Future
2020 vision video

Telstra have their own vision of a smarter future, and they asked us to help bring it to life and with the help of Film Graphics and Fanatic Films, we were able to turn our narrative into our first live-action movie.

The script portrays a not too distant future where everything's pretty much the same, except for some technological advancements that make life better. A world of augmented reality, telepresence, smarter cities and the internet of things. The characters connect through the future technologies which eventually comes full circle. 

The movie is called Our Connected Future. It features an array of smart gadgets and mind-blowing technology, and shows how it will inform all aspects of our daily lives.

And while the gadgets may be high-tech, the story is simple. Technology will change the way we live, work and play, but there will always be some things that stay the same.

Produced at Interbrand