Garis & Hahn
Brand Identity

Garis & Hahn is a new art gallery on the Bowery in New York. When they came knocking at our door, we jumped at the chance to help them define their strategy, brand identity and interior environment.

The vision of Mary Garis and Sophie Hahn takes a fresh approach to the commercial art gallery model, it fosters conversation and honours contemplation. The gallery focuses on taking a themed curatorial approach for emerging and established artists alike, with an emphasis on the ‘Here and Now’.

We created a brand inspired by a time line, and a brand mark that is built on capturing the here and now. Every time the brand stops along the timeline, it catches not only the current exhibition, but also a snapshot of a show just passed, or to come.

The brand is rolled out across a variety of collateral, from posters and postcards, to business cards and environmental graphics, and soon to be interiors.

The gallery has recently been approached by Rag and Bone to collaborate with them on a series of shows within their Meatpacking pop-up, and has obtained a flurry of press throughout the local art industry. The gallery officially opened its doors on the 28th of March and we were lucky enough to have our own Sally and Chris there to witness the big day.


Designed at Interbrand

  • Creative Directors: Chris Maclean, Mike Rigby
  • Design Director: Christopher Doyle
  • Designer: Annah Brocklebank