Brand Identity

The online-car-selling industry is enough to drive anyone to distraction. It’s certainly not a simple place to get the job of buying and selling a car done. Most of the time it feels like you’re getting the wool pulled over your eyes. There’s no price transparency when purchasing, and listing your car can be a real hassle. Who wants to buy a car in Perth if they live in Sydney? And who wants to pay for a lead that will never come through?

CarsGuide believes the process of buying and selling cars online is broken. So they’re fixing it. With things like free listings and location-based search. In other words, they’re the antidote to CarSales. This bold new way of thinking is reflected in the brand strategy and identity we created for them. With the brand idea ‘Joy Mechanics’, we created an identity that simultaneously disrupts the market while making the process of buying and selling cars easier and more enjoyable.

The idea is simple. The brand is split into two characters, each with distinct personality traits, typeface and tone of voice. First up is The Mechanic. He’s simple, straightforward, and to the point. Then there’s The Guide. Friendly, cheeky, and always happy to help. To make it work, we use a simple construct. ‘The Mechanic’ says something simple, informative and to the point. Then we let ‘The Guide’ loose. He’s always tinkering, editing, pointing out useful bits or adding something fun. The logo is clear, simple and flexible, and can be infinitely customised by the Guide.

recent article in The Australian reported that in the first month of its relaunch, CarsGuide enjoyed 32% growth in private car listings. Traffic was up 15% compared to a 22% retreat for and there was a 5% fall for CarSales.

Great work CarsGuide!


Designed at Interbrand